Exhibitions on Energy Sorces

The international community continues to join together to discuss energy sources, domestic and industrial heating appliances, renewable energy source solutions and much more, to meet global energy challenges. Senior executives from some of the world’s most respected organisations together with leading academics are working together to find solutions that are sustainable, safe and economically viable.

Events on Renewable Sources and Climate Change in UK

Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels

A major forum dealing with a variety of aspects related to offshore wind turbines, renewable energy as well as large scale investments in the field. The aim is to reduce maintenance costs, which requires operators to develop technologies which will give access so that repairs to wind turbines, even in the worse weather is possible since currently, this is not so. Specialised vessels will be investigated on the day.

27 Feb 2019 The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London

The Future of Utilities

With more than 100 speakers across three stages, this is the UK’s main cross-industry event looking at energy and water. There will be in-depth discussions about the critical issues facing those at the corporate level of business, including exploring customer interactions. New retail technology like Alexa can help management build trust and confidence. Key speakers offering insights include executives from several regional water companies as well as Business Stream, Wave, Water2Business and Water Plus.

26 - 27 Mar 2019 155 Bishopsgate, London

Argus European Biomass Trading

In its 10th year, Argus Biomass will bring together 400 attendees from more than 275 companies for a global market three-day event of critical debate at the largest international biomass conference in Europe. Offering essential updates about developments in the premium, industrial pellet and wood chip markets across Europe, the US, Canada, and Asia, there will be plenty of time and opportunity for networking throughout the event.

8 - 10 Apr 2019 Haven't been announced yet

World Waste to Energy and Resources Summits

With a focus on new markets, advanced technologies and project finance for waste conversion in the circular economy, this summit will bring together the best international waste management CEOs, developers, bankers, private equity financiers, technology providers, and industrial end users. With a focus on innovation in financing mechanisms, policy, partnership models as well as technology to produce high-value fuels and chemicals from waste, the summit also allows time for intensive networking with the aim of accelerating global growth in the industry.

21 - 22 May 2019 The Tower Hotel: Gouman, London

Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Aiming to leverage renewable energy for the future, this conference will include renewables in partnership in combating climate change. The UK crossed a milestone in 2018 yielding 43 gigawatts from renewables against 40.6 gigawatts from fossil fuels, but the country must continue improving as the power from fossil fuels remains at 40 percent compared to that of 28 percent from renewables. The main objective of this congress is to discuss the transition towards a low carbon economy providing global growth through economies of scale and innovation across all renewables, not just wind and solar, to combat climate change and conserve future energy.

9 - 10 Sep 2019 Haven't been announced yet
World Bank energy soaring project

World Bank: Renewables and Energy Innovations

The World Bank has a membership of 189 nations. It has been credited with supporting huge infrastructure projects including projects on renewables and other energy innovations across Asia, Africa, and South America.

Offshore Renewables: ORE Catapult and CWind

Offshore Renewables: ORE Catapult and CWind

The UK’s offshore renewable energy innovation centre, Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, was established in 2013 by the UK Government and is the UK’s leading innovation centre for offshore renewable energy.